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Fall stair race week 2016

One week. Three stair races. 208 stories. 4,429 steps.



When is a sub-20 5K not a sub-20 5K? When it’s your first one ever, of course.

I thought we were all runners, people?

Middle distance runners are runners, too.

I probably wouldn’t have won Nashville after all.

It’s probably good I didn’t get the chance to chase a potentially cheap win.

Old stuff. Stuff, nonetheless.

Running! Stair climbing! Success! Failure! Excitement! Heartbreak! Frustration! New experiences! That was my 2015.

Fight For Air Miami 2015

I took my talents to South Beach. For a stair race. And I’m using the term “talents” loosely.

Later winter/early spring race recap megamix

Trying to play catch-up for all the race recaps I missed over the past few months.