I’m Josh.

I used to be a small-time journalist in the Detroit area. I now have a cubicle job doing back-office type financial work in Milwaukee. It pays the bills better than journalism did and it’s nowhere near as stressful. But I do miss writing. A lot. And since I’ve picked up running and exercising as a hobby—a hobby I’m pretty passionate about—I’ve decided to combine it with my desire to write by way of this blog.

This blog is about my running, fitness, exercise, and all the related sorts of things that go along with it. I’m writing this primarily so, 1. my family and friends can follow along as I participate in races and pursue my fitness goals, and 2. to talk about all the things on my mind relative to my fitness and exercise.

Near the end of 2011 I got a trainer and started working out seriously with the goals of having John Basedow abs (not seriously… well, sort of seriously…) and being able to run a 5-minute mile. Both goals have seen progress, but are still in progress. In 2012 I also started running 5Ks and have tacked on the goal of finishing under 20 minutes. Then in 2013, I started competing in stair-climb races (tower races), which I now also have goals for that I’m constantly working toward.

Here’s hoping I continue to stay motivated to work hard, to stay healthy, and to keep improving! And if you’re reading, here’s hoping you can take something from this of your own to try to be healthy.


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