This is a miscellaneous blog post, covering a couple random things.

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Well, not only is Stephanie ranked 16th among all females in the US in stair climbing, but her Hustle Up The Hancock results landed her in the top 100 in the world! She’s now ranked 65th in the Towerrunning World Cup, as determined by the Towerrunning World Association.

I need to do a ton of work to ever crack the men’s top 100. Shoot, it’s hard enough for me to be listed among the top 100 men in the United States. Stephanie’s ranked higher at stair climbing among all females on the entire planet earth than I am among all men in just this country (I’m holding steady at #143).

It’s pretty awesome to know her. She’s pretty much famous and stuff now. Some day I hope to be as awesome as her. She is a beast, after all. Like, for real real. Some day…

* * * * *

Back in the day, I used to have a blog. A different blog. About random stuff. Serious stuff. Funny stuff. Silly stuff. Whatever stuff. I cared about my view totals and all that. I even made blog friends and blog acquaintances. On occasion I even got “blog awards” and gave “blog awards.”

This blog is not that blog. Not even close. It has never been my intent to have this blog be anything more than a place to talk about my fitness stuff and keep a record of races I’ve competed in for family and friends to read, and for me to reflect back upon. I pay attention to my views, but I don’t really care about them or do anything to improve them. I’ve not tried making blog friends or acquaintances. But sometimes people read your blog and then you read theirs. And then they give you “blog awards.” Which can be cool sometimes. And that has now happened with this blog!

Another Wisconsin runner/blogger, Nikki from oh…running, passed along an award to myself and a few other runner/bloggers that she received from another blogger. It’s called the Liebster Blog Award. I don’t know what that means. But, basically, you’re supposed to answer 10 questions someone gives you, then you pass along the award and ask 10 questions of your own to those people. I used to like doing those email surveys when I was younger (even though I used to answer them fully sarcastically), plus I’m not a (total) jerk, so I’m answering the 10 questions asked of me and the other few people.

However, the vast majority of blogs I read I do so from afar and don’t really comment on (mostly those of elite stair climbers), so I don’t really have people to ask a bunch of questions to. THIS AWARD DIES AT MY BLOG.

Without further ado…

1. how did you get started running?

I was always quick as a kid, but never considered running when I was younger. I thought it was boring. I wanted to play sports, mainly baseball or basketball. Except I wasn’t really good enough at those sports to make a team. Plus, I never really tried out. I just played for fun in my neighborhood and in college intramurals and stuff. I jogged off and on after college, but after a bout with mono a couple years ago that resulted in me losing weight I didn’t have to lose, then gaining it all back and then some, I knew I needed to start working out to get in control of things. So, I started working out, focusing mainly on running a mile pretty fast. After a while I started entering and training for 5Ks, and then after some more time, I added stair climb races.

2. are you always nervous for races?

I don’t get nervous for races as much as I used to. I used to get nervous for races all the time, but now it’s sort of rare. The last race I was nervous for was probably the Fight For Air Chicago stair climb at Presidential Towers. It was a multi-tower race that included running in the skywalks between the buildings. I was worried about getting lost between the buildings or making a wrong turn somewhere. I even had a dream in the week beforehand about getting lost between the towers. Other than that, the last race I was nervous for was probably the Sears Tower stair climb last November. And I was REALLY nervous for that one. The last running race I was nervous for was Run With Wolfes last September, likely because I had high expectations of how I should do. I had minor jitters in a couple races after that, but I wouldn’t say I was fully nervous.

3. do you have race “outfits”?

Not necessarily, but in the past year I’ve started trying not to wear the same thing I’ve worn at a previous race, or at least in my most recent race.

4. is there something special that you have to have with you for a race? like a talisman of sorts?

Aside from Stephanie, not really. But she usually enters the same races I do.

5. do you always have a cheering section when you race or do you go to races alone?

Unless you count Stephanie, who usually runs or climbs in races with me, I’ve had a cheering section only twice. My dad was in town during last year’s Rock N Sole race, and the other time, it was actually Stephanie. She didn’t enter the Icebreaker Indoor 5K because space was limited and she thought it was only going to be serious, fast runners who really cared a lot about running. She doesn’t really care a lot about running, so she didn’t want to take the spot of someone who wanted to run it more than her. But, as it turned out, there was probably still space, and if she’d have entered, her average times would’ve placed fairly well against the other female runners.

6. would you still train or run as hard if you didn’t enter races?

No way. Not a chance. What’s the point of working so hard if you don’t have something you’re striving toward? I work hard because I want to be good at running and stair climbing. And how would I know I’m good at it if I didn’t enter races?

7. what’s your favorite food?

Tough one. I don’t know that I have one favorite. I have several favorites, almost all of which I try to avoid (or find “healthy” nutrition-rich versions of) because they’re not the healthiest options to optimize my training. A good cheeseburger is hard to pass up. As is pizza. Philly cheesesteaks. Tacos. And french toast, blueberry pancakes, waffles, or doughnuts. Or chocolate chip cookies. Mostly carby junk. As for legit healthy stuff, I like rainbow carrots a lot, grapes, watermelon, and I’ve also really come to love mangos.

8. favorite thing to do besides running?

I’ll also eliminate stair racing and working out in general, since that’s what much of my time is consumed with. Besides those things, it’s probably a bunch of stuff: watching movies or any number of TV shows I’m hooked on, watching the Bulls and White Sox, playing video games, and being involved in the give or take of the laughing experience.

9. do you have any pets?

Growing up, my family had a dog, some fish, and some hamsters. Later on, my mom had some guinea pigs and cats I befriended. Nowadays, I guess I’ve sort of adopted Stephanie’s cat, Maeby. Or she’s adopted me? I’m not sure. Either way, she likes me. We meow back and forth to each other, I throw her toy mice for her to chase after, and I always cave to her constant demands to be petted. She’s a pretty awesome cat, though, so it’s cool.

10. what’s your dream job?

When I was a kid it was to be a cowboy. Or a ninja. In high school, it was to be an architect. Then, in college and for a little while after, it was to write for The Onion. In college I actually ran my own fake Onion-esque satirical campus newspaper, which was a big hit (with most people) at my school. Some time after college, I stopped being as funny, so I sort of gave up that dream. Now, it’s just to have a job that’s stable and as stress-free as possible so I can focus my energy on my extracurricular fitness pursuits.


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  1. fantastic! i wanted the award to die at my blog too but then i felt bad so i spread the love (as they say). ha! i have some other blogs too but i get bored and since i’ve started running i really only care about writing about my running so i have a record of those experiences. it also helps if i get injured for when i talk to my doctor and he wants all sorts of info that i wouldn’t remember otherwise. i think it’s really great that you and stephanie have the fitness in common. i wish my husband would enjoy running like i do.

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