So much races to do

Okay: I just officially registered for the Clawson Firecracker Mile in Michigan for July 4, which I’ll run during an out of town trip to visit family for the weekend. So, between that and the Schlitz Park Miler on June 24, my summer race schedule is getting a late start in coming together. And so far, it includes only one-mile races.

I still haven’t even registered for the Rock N Sole run on June 14 in Milwaukee yet, as I’m debating whether or not I want to do it. I’ve set my 5K PR there the past two years, but this year they changed the course. The 5K route no longer includes the Hoan Bridge, which I find to be unfortunate, as it’s gotten me off to good starts each of the past two years. I expend a bunch of energy on the uphill portion of the bridge jockeying around the crowd, and then at the turnaround, I’m usually past most people, so I’m able to zip down the downhill at a pretty fast clip while not burning too much energy.

While I don’t necessarily feel that I *HAVE TO* have the have the bridge to run over in that race, another option for me if I do want to run the bridge, is to sign up for the quarter marathon. I don’t necessarily feel ready for that kind of distance yet, though. My goal and my desire has been to notch a sub-20 minute 5K before I shift up to a race of that distance. And while I’ve intermittently thrown in some longer treadmill runs this winter (between 5 and 7 miles) and survived, I was left feeling less than optimal following a 6.5-mile outdoor run this past Saturday. If I increase my race distance, I feel I need some more outdoor buildup to it.

If I feel I have to clock that sub-20 5K before Rock N Sole, the only race before that I’m really interested in running before then is the Sweet Home Milwaukee 5K on April 27. I’d love to run in Veteran’s Park. I’ve never actually even been over there, and in looking at the course map, it looks pretty cool. The only real drawback is the cost; it’s $40. I’ve also not really been focusing on my 5K running as much as I usually would this time of year, as I’ve been more focused on stair race training. Stair race training in no way hurts the physical aspect of of my 5K training, but I know my outdoor run pacing is a little off from where I would hope it would be in order to run that fast. So, if I do the Sweet Home Milwaukee 5K, which I probably will, my hopes aren’t high that I’ll dip below my current PR of 20:12.

As for stair races, Stephanie and I have been looking at doing some more out of town races. Well, most of them are out of town — there are only two in Milwaukee each year. Both at the same building. However, the two in particular we’ve been looking at doing are the Miami Fight For Air Climb in June and the Ketchum-Downtown Los Angeles YMCA Stair Climb in September. The LA race sort of kicks off the next season of stair climbing, and I had been wanting to use the entire “offseason” between this weekend’s upcoming Hustle Up The Hancock in Chicago and the September race to get better at my running and work on even more leg strength cross-training. I’d like to come into the next stair season vastly improved over where I finished this season. And I feel I’m finishing strong (fingers crossed for Hancock!).

The Miami race, however, carries a good chunk of points for stair ranking purposes. It was originally scheduled to take place this past weekend. A month back or so, Stephanie and I had even briefly talked about traveling down there for it before deciding we couldn’t. However, the race ended up being postponed until June due to issues at the building it usually takes place at. As such, we’re back at discussing whether we can make the trip for the rescheduled race, even if just for a day to climb the building. It’ll be at a different building now, though, so I’m not sure if it’ll carry as many points, which could factor into our decision to go. Money will be the main factor, of course.

Back to the September race in Los Angeles: that race is one of the year’s major races. Many of the elite climbers from across the country compete in it. And it’s worth a bunch of points. For me — unless I do come into next season in well near elite shape — I’m not sure how many of the competitive male climbers I’d be able to finish faster than, thus I’m not sure it’ll really help my standing. However, for Stephanie, it has the potential to help her tremendously. Even if she doesn’t do as well as I think she would, or even if the other major female competitors step up their game, she could still make a splash and rack up a bunch of points.

And I would love to see that. So, that said, we’re planning on heading there for that race.

The only problem that leaves me is that for the past eight or nine months or so, I’ve been pushing to try to get my company involved in the Salus Corporate Challenge 5K at Schlitz Park. Basically, a bunch of Milwaukee companies compete in a team-based 5K against each other. After a bunch of barking up the wrong trees, then eventually the right trees, and then a bunch of corporate wrangling behind the scenes, all the necessary approvals were finally granted a couple weeks ago for our company to join in. The emails have gone out and people are even already signed up.

Unfortunately, the Salus Corporate Challenge takes place Thursday, Sept. 18 at 6:15 p.m. The Los Angeles stair climb is tentatively slated for noon pacific time on Friday, Sept. 19.

So, while I’ve been the primary driving force of the corporate challenge run at work, and I’ve been the liaison between the race director and my company, the likelihood is that — unless the Los Angeles climb changes its date (the Sept. 19 date is currently listed as “Save The Date”) — I’m going to fly to LA to scale a building and miss the opportunity to run in a race our company wouldn’t even have the opportunity to run in if I hadn’t pushed for it.

I’m hopeful the LA climb gets pushed back a week from what the current tentative date is listed for, as it usually takes place a week later every September, so I can do both it and the Schlitz Park 5K. Why the LA climb is scheduled this year for the week earlier I have no clue. For now, I can’t do anything other than to wait and see how it all shakes out.

Other Milers?

Only one of the two other 1-mile races I’m interested in running has a date so far. That’s the Swedish American State Street Mile in Rockford, IL, which is slated for Saturday, Aug. 2. I’m waiting on the date for the Wisconsin Track Club Capitol Mile in Madison to be announced. Last year it was Sunday, July 28, which makes me think it’ll probably be Sunday, July 27 this year. Of course, there’s also the chance I may not run either of them. We’ll see.

Down the road…

Other races in 2014 I’m probable to compete in are as follows:

  • Run With Wolfes 5K, Menomonee Falls, September
  • Fall Classic Run (5K), Menomonee Falls, October (TBA???)
  • SkyRise (Willis Tower) stair climb, Chicago, November
  • CFF Climbing For A Cure stair climb, Milwaukee, November
  • Drumstick Dash 5K, November (depending on how cold late November turns out…)

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  1. you should totally run sweet home milwaukee! i’m so bummed that i can’t! i’m already running in lapham peak that day. run it for me! 🙂

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