Miler registrations are opening!

Although I’m gearing up for my first stair race of the spring portion of stair race season this Saturday in Minneapolis, I now find myself pretty excited about one-mile race season this summer.

That’s because two of the four “milers” I’m looking to run in have opened up their registration!

The first to open up its registration was the Clawson Firecracker Mile in Clawson, MI, which takes place every Fourth Of July. I wanted to do this one last year, but couldn’t get off work an extra day around the holiday to travel there in advance of the race. This year I already snagged July 3, so as long as Stephanie and I make our way to Michigan, I’ll almost certainly give this one a shot.

This one was appealing because I lived the greater part of my adult life in suburban Detroit and would only run occasionally. It wasn’t until after I moved to Wisconsin that I got serious about running and fitness. I’ve never run a race in Michigan, so I think it’d be cool to go back there and run in one. Not only is my mom’s birthday also that weekend, and not only is Clawson just a few miles away from where my dad lives, but the course is also VERY appealing. The course is a totally flat, totally straight mile on a fairly wide road. I’ve never run a totally flat, or totally straight organized race of any distance before. Part of me worries I might burn myself out too quickly under those conditions, but theoretically, it’s the ideal course.

The second one-mile race to open its registration to the public is the local Milwaukee one I ran in last summer: the Schlitz Park Miler. It was a tough road mile around Schlitz Park and part of the surrounding neighborhood. It included a pretty steep uphill that was not very kind or welcoming in a race where you’re already pushing yourself to near max and max exertion. But when I finished, after I finally caught my breath, of course, it was pretty awesome to have finished sub-6. Granted, 5:52 was about 7-12 seconds slower than I was hoping, especially since mostly only REALLY fast people tend to run in milers, and it dropped me further down the overall results than I tend to finish in 5Ks, I was still pretty pleased. The only downside to this race is that it’s on a Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. Such a weird day and time; I don’t get it. Ah well.

I’m still waiting on The WTC Capitol Mile in Madison, which usually takes place at the end of July, and also the State Street Mile in Rockford, IL, which usually takes place at the start of August. I’m not sure yet whether I’ll race in neither of them, both of of them, or just one of them. I’ll probably wait to make my decision, as part of it will depend on my schedule, and part will depend on how well I do in those other milers.

Now all I have left to do is put more emphasis back into my routine on one-mile training. Well, and then also register for these races.


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