‘Working out’ a few ideas

I keep having all these ideas for gyms I want to start. In fact, coming up with gym ideas is becoming somewhat of a hobby in itself.

About four of the ideas I’ve had I’d consider good, and if I had enough money, I’d totally start them. But until I win the lottery, I’ll just have to stick to the useless brainstorming.

Of my “good” ideas for gyms I want to start, two have derived from practical ideas.

Untitled stair climbing gym: I like competing in tower races, so I’d like to start some sort of gym that specializes in training people for these sorts of races. I envision a 20-story tower to nowhere (or taller, depending on local zoning ordinances, of course), multiple high speed downward escalators to run upward on, Jacobs ladders, ultra-high incline treadmills, spin classes, ropes to climb (for rail handling strength), and trainers who like putting clients through high-intensity workouts designed to obliterate clients’ legs.

Untitled gym/clean eating diner: This idea came from discussions with Stephanie as she’s worked to clean up mine and her eating habits. Proper eating benefits health and boosts fitness as well. There’s a place called Fit Food Trainer in the Milwaukee area, which is a similar idea to what I’m thinking, but mine is more a gym with an attached diner serving local and organic fare. It could be expanded to include a farmer’s market, which is another idea I’ve ripped off of something that came from Stephanie (she calls it “farm to gym“).

My other two gym ideas came simply from cool names and gimmicks I thought of.

BEASTZONE: This is pretty much the opposite of Planet Fitness and their overbearing “no lunks” policy. Not everyone who works out hard is a d-bag musclehead. A lot of them are. But not all of them. Don’t get me wrong: I hate grunting. Not to mention obnoxious weightlifting behaviors. But I understand that sometimes lifting a ton of weight results in loud exhaling. So if your gym has ridiculously heavy weights, there’s a chance someone may actually be able to lift them. And they just might have to breathe hard to do it.

So my idea is a gym that requires an application process to get accepted. This is not a gym for everyone. There will be no pizza nights here. This is a serious gym for workout beasts only. Thus, the name BEASTZONE. Gymgoers will be segmented into two categories: MVBeasts and Wannabeasts. MVBeasts have proven themselves through various feats of strength and fitness. Wannabeasts will be those working to get to that MVBeast level. There will be a periodic review process for Wannabeasts to show improvements made to achieve that MVBeast level.

Level Up: This idea actually came to me after a discussion with one of the trainers/front desk help people at my current gym. On one hand, the name could refer to “leveling up your fitness,” but my concept truly stemmed from an idea for the method people would be charged. My idea is to offer different level memberships to people with different levels of access, likely through access cards and a whole lot of locked doors throughout the gym. Level 1 would be a basic membership providing access to cardio machines and weights. Level 2 would expand access to include advanced fitness areas and classes. Level 3 would open up even more advanced fitness equipment and personal training.

Maybe some of these ideas could be combined? I don’t know if any of them would actually work on their own, business-wise, but I don’t doubt there’s a market somewhere for some of them.

Until I have enough money to start one of those ideas, I’m still trying to put together a sales pitch to all of the major gym chains throughout the country for my “Universal Gym Card” idea. It would basically be a service that provides you one card that would grant you access to go to whatever gym chain you wanted, wherever you wanted, whenever you wanted. Now how awesome is that idea?

Maybe not so awesome if you’re the owner of a gym. But, hey, it’s an idea, right?


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