Monthly Archives: January 2014

Real runs, no gimmicks

Someday I want to organize a gimmick marathon/half marathon/5K race event called “The Runner’s Run Of Running For Runners.” Its target demographic will be runners.


McFly? Hello, McFly???

Lesson learned: always run until you’re absolutely sure the race is over.

Ready or not… I’m not sure?

Is tonight the night I break 20 minutes in a 5K???

Breaking up (with your gym) is hard to do

I feel like I’m at a bit of a fitness crossroad at the moment. My goals have changed slightly, and I’ve also changed my idea for what methods to use to achieve those goals. I’m not too good at change — especially once I get a decent routine started — so this is a bit […]

Social climbing

Is working out in groups beneficial? Is it time to give Meetup a chance?

‘Working out’ a few ideas

Apparently I have a bunch of hair-brained ideas for new gyms…

Something new for the new year

In this episode, Josh details how he caved, giving in to the dreaded “long, slow run.”