Looking forward to 2014

Last night I registered for my third race of what could be a pretty busy 2014 race season. In looking ahead, I’m pretty excited at the possibilities for improvement and new racing experiences.

Currently I have 20 races on my radar: eight stair climbs, seven 5Ks, four 1-mile races, and one hybrid run/stair climb. There’s no way I’ll do all 20 — one of the stair climbs is already pretty unlikely, and if I participate in the hybrid run/stair climb, there are two 5Ks I won’t be able to do. In July, there will also likely be a 5K and a 1-mile race in consecutive days, meaning I probably won’t do both and I’ll need to pick which I want to do more.

Of the races on my radar, there are no more than 3 in any given month, which I think is important since I felt burned out this year when I had too many races within too short a span. There are also two months — May and December — currently void of any races. If I’m being realistic, I probably won’t do any in December unless it ends up unseasonably warm. Whether I do any in May will depend on what looks good at the time. I’ve also sort of been eyeing May as a possible opportunity to get together with some college friends for a 5K down in Nashville.

As for other possibilities, I’m also interested in participating in the running leg of a sprint triathlon relay with a swimmer cousin of mine and either another cousin who’d bike that leg, or a cyclist friend of my swimming cousin. I believe there’s one potential such race near where my cousin lives that happens every September. The swimming portion is approximately the same distance as my cousin’s best event, and the running leg is a 5K, so it’d be perfect for the two of us. We’d just need to figure out the cycling portion of it.

One other possibility I’ve been having an inner debate about is whether I want to try a 10K. A lot of runners tend to progress to longer distances the more they run. I’m more concerned about getting faster than being able to run longer. Plus, my body tends to ache when I run distances longer than I normally do. However, there’s something in the back of my mind wondering what kind of pace I could maintain during a 10K if I trained for it. My speeds have improved in general since I started running seriously, but I’ve not reached all my goals for short distance running. That said, I’d prefer to continue working on my short distance speed. However, what I’ve been telling myself is that if I can finish a 5K in less than 20 minutes (my PR is 20:12), then I’ll register for a 10K. Maybe this will be the year for both? We’ll see…

As of now, what follows are the potential races Stephanie and/or I have been looking into participating in during the next year. Obviously, the schedule is subject to change. Asterisks indicate that the date listed is an estimated date based on previous years’ dates, and that the actual 2014 race date has not been officially set yet.

Friday, Jan. 24: Icebreaker Indoor Run; West Allis, WI; Pettit National Ice Center (5K) REGISTERED
Sunday, Jan. 26: Aon Step Up For Kids; Chicago, IL; Aon Center (stairs) DOUBTFUL

Saturday, Feb. 1: CFF Climb For A Cure; Minneapolis, MN; IDS Center (stairs) POSSIBLY

Sunday, March 2: Fight For Air Detroit; Detroit, MI; Renaissance Center (stairs) POSSIBLY
Saturday, March 8: Fight For Air Indianapolis; Indianapolis, IN; Chase Tower (stairs) POSSIBLY
Saturday, March 22: Fight For Air Milwaukee; Milwaukee, WI; US Bank Center (stairs) REGISTERED

Sunday, April 13: Hustle Up The Hancock; Chicago, IL; John Hancock Center – (stairs) RESISTERED

None planned yet

Saturday, June 14: Summerfest Rock ‘N Sole Run; Milwaukee, WI; Summerfest Grounds (5K) VERY LIKELY
Tuesday, June 24*: Schlitz Park Miler: Milwaukee, WI; Schlitz Park (1-mile) VERY LIKELY

Friday, July 4, 2014*: Clawson Firecracker Mile; Clawson, MI; Woodward Avenue (1-mile) POSSIBLY
Saturday, July 26, 2014: Brewers Community Foundation Famous Racing Sausages 5K; Milwaukee, WI; Miller Park (5K) POSSIBLY
Sunday, July 27, 2014*: WTC Capitol Mile; Madison, WI; Capitol Square (1-mile) POSSIBLY

Saturday, August 2*: State Street Mile; Rockford, IL; State Street (1-mile) POSSIBLY

Sunday, Sept. 14*: Run With Wolfes; Menomonee Falls, WI; Oakwood Park (5K) VERY LIKELY

Sunday, Oct. 12*: Kewaskum Keys 5K; Kewaskum, WI; Kewaskum HS (5K) VERY LIKELY
Saturday, Oct. 18: Bisbee 1000; Bisbee, AZ (run/stairs) POSSIBLY
Sunday, Oct. 19*: The Fall Classic Run; Menomonee Falls, WI; Menomonee Falls HS (5K) VERY LIKELY

(If Stephanie & I do the Bisbee 1000, we probably won’t do the local 5Ks)

Sunday, Nov. 2*: SkyRise Chicago; Chicago, IL; Willis Tower (stairs) VERY LIKELY
Thursday, Nov. 13*: CFF Climb For A Cure; Milwaukee, WI; US Bank Center (stairs) VERY LIKELY
Thursday, Nov. 27*: Drumstick Dash 5K; Milwaukee, WI; Miller Park (5K) POSSIBLY

None planned yet


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