Best in show! (sort of.)

I finished 1st…

…in my age group.

But 3rd overall!

I ran a race this morning that I ran last year in a time faster than all my other races last year. But since I shattered last year’s time from that race in a 5K this past June, I wasn’t expecting to set a new PR. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I’ve half-thought my PR this past June was something I wouldn’t be able to get close to. Lately, I feel like my training’s been rougher and not as quick as I’m used to. By the end, no, I did not set a personal record; however, I did notch a personal second-best time of 20:41.

My finish was also my second sub-21 race, and it was 40 seconds faster than I did this race last year.

All in all, I’m pleased. While not a personal best, it was still good, and I got the experience of running in the lead for a good chunk of a race.

Aside from my one-mile race in June, the weather’s been terrible for all my races this year. This one was no different. It was a very rainy, gloomy, cool morning.

Before the race began, I was looking around and told Stephanie I didn’t see a lot of hardcore runner-types. I’m glad they stayed home — it means I went back to my home with prizes! (Some running socks, a handmade mug from the event, and a coupon for a RoadID).

Not only weren’t there a lot of hardcore super-runners there (the winner finished in 19:50), there weren’t a lot of runners in general. There were just over 100 runners, which equated to about 30 less participants than last year. I’ll credit the rain.

I led the entire race for about the first mile and a half. It was really weird. A bit confusing, actually. I was just waiting for a pack of people to make a surge and pass me. It never happened. Only two people passed me — the woman who won at about the 1.5-mile mark, and another man around mile 2.

And until the woman who won the whole thing caught up to me, I glanced behind me several times not only looking for that pack, but also to make sure I wasn’t off course. The number of volunteers were less than last year, so there were some turns where no one was there to tell me where to go; I just had to follow the small gray arrow signs, which was hard to do on a gray morning. I’ll call “trying not to get lost on the course because you’re in the lead and there’s no crowd around you” a good problem.

This race was also the first of two I’ll be doing in back-to-back weekends. Back-to-back 5K weekends is also a first. Next week’s is out of town with Stephanie and also a college friend who runs. Let’s hope my momentum (and training) carries me through next week strongly!


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  1. […] Like the Rock ‘n Sole Run, I’ve ran this one twice as well: 21:21 in 2012 (a PR at the time), and then 20:41 in 2013. […]

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